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A Retired police officer bites off an 18-yr-old girl’s ear during quarrel in Edo state

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A retired police officer, known as Mr Ogunbor, has been accused of biting off the ear of an 18-year-old girl, Faith Aigbe, at Eweka Street, off Aduwawa Road, Benin City, Edo State.

According to reports, the incident happened on Sunday, November 15th, during a quarrel between the victim’s mother and the Ogunbor family.

It was gathered that the said victim returned from church to find Mr Ogunbor, his wife, daughter and some other family members allegedly assaulting her mother.

Speaking with journalists in Benin, Faith said when Mr Ogunbor picked up a shovel to hit her mother, she quickly held back the weapon. The retired police officer was said to have grabbed Faith and chopped off her right ear with his teeth.

She alleged that she and her mom later went to police station to file a complaint but Mr Ogunbor arrived there and threatened the police officers, claiming to be a retired commissioner of police.

It was further alleged that Mr Ogunbor’s son and his boys abducted Faith’s father (pictured) took him to an unknown destination where they beat him up before he was rescued by members of a local vigilante group.

Read full report by Agbons Osas and photos of the victim with her family at ITV in Benin City.

“That one MR.S.O.OGUNBOR who lives at Eweka street off college road Aduwawa Benin city, as cut the ear of miss Faith Aigbe with his teeth on Sunda. Faith is an eighteen year-old girl.

This happened as a result of the misunderstanding between Faith Aigbe mother and Mr.s.o.Ogunbor’s wife and his 46yrs old daughter that joined together to fight Faith Aigbe’s mother on Sunday. Faith was coming from church when she met Mr.s.o.Ogunbor and his family together, fighting her mother. mr.s.o.ogunbor rise up a shovel to hit faith Aigbe mother, Faith held mr.ogunbor back and Mr ogunbor rush into faith ear and cut it off with his teeth.

After the fight Faith and her mother run to the police station in order to lay down their report. The same Mr.Ogunbor came to the police station and started threatening the policemen that he is a retired commissioner of police. Those policemen were scared to arrest him from there they police wrote report to faith Aigbe go and treat herself.

Retired police officer allegedly bites off 18-year-old girl

Retired police officer allegedly bites off 18-year-old girl

Retired police officer allegedly bites off 18-year-old girl

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