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Snake bites teenager using the toilet

Written by anitaadims

An 18 year old university student in Nonthaburi, just west of Bangkok, was bitten by a python while using the toilet. The python was in the toilet bowl when it bit the student’s penis, splattering blood all over the wall and toilet seat. Luckily the student is okay and only needed 3 stitches.

He stated saying, “I was using the toilet but a few moments after I sat down, I suddenly felt pain in my penis. I looked down and saw there was a snake hanging in the toilet.

Then there was blood everywhere. “It was only a small snake but its bite was so strong. I hope that my penis can recover.”

There have been numerous reports about snakes making their way into a toilet and biting people, usually after they’ve taken their pants off. Last year, a man in Bangkok was bit in the penis by a 3 meter long python when he used the bathroom. He went to the hospital and ended up with 15 stitches.

Another large snake in Central Thailand bit a woman as she went to use the toilet.

Snakes usually end up in toilets because they’re looking for rats, Geoff Jacobs at Queensland Wildlife Solutions in Australia told BBC in an earlier report. He says the snakes hunt down rats and follow their trail. Many of the rodents go down in sewers.

“There’s only a small amount of water in the bottom of your toilet bowl. They come up through a dry pipe and there’s a small bit of water in the S-bend – he’s only got to go down an inch-and-a-half or two inches and straight back .

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