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Villagers erect massive penis statue to bring forth rain

Written by anitaadims

Villagers built massive penis in Yothaka, Thailand’s Chachoengsao province, to end period of drought.

There was concern by farmers in the area due to the recent drought in the area. Water from irrigation canals was too salty to be used in farming activities.

A massive penis statue called “Palad Khik”, was erected in the village on Jun 9. The village headman, Chamnan Kenthongdaeng, 52, said two days after the giant penis was installed it had started raining, with a shower that lasted about half an hour.

Video of the rain was also made by the headman of a neighboring village Koson Samang, as evidence.

However, local farmers complained that the rain hadn’t been long enough to irrigate their fields.

According to Chamman, prayers to the phallus will continue. He also told Pattaya News that erecting a Palad Khik, representing fertility and new growth, was a local tradition going back decades, to the time of his grandparents.

“It will be removed as soon as the seasonal rain comes,” he said. He added that the giant penis, was built on a cul-de-sac, there wouldn’t cause a traffic.

He encouraged local villagers to pray to the and leave small offerings to gigantic penis

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