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Wife accuses husband of forcing baby to drink beer, deprives her of sex

Written by anitaadims

A wife from the Gota area of Ahmedabad city in the UAE has accused her husband of depriving her of sex and forcing her baby to drink beer.

According to the woman, her husband, who is now based in Dubai, forced beer down the throat of their two-year-old daughter.

In her FIR, the woman wrote that she had gotten married in 2016 and had moved to Dubai with her husband in 2017. He had allegedly then forced her to drink beer and would give their infant daughter empty beer cans to play with.

The FIR also says that the husband, unnamed, would beat her and abuse her upon the provocation of her in-laws.

According to a report by Times of India, the woman said that her husband would create a ruckus every time he got drunk. He would apparently force her to drink as well despite the fact that she never liked it. He also made their toddler drink.

She said that the man would taunt her for her delicate physical condition and refused to have sex with her for over a year. He also refused to pay for medicines when their daughter was sick.

She said that after she returned to India from Dubai, her husband dropped her off at her maternal home. Then he fled to Dubai with the rest of his family.

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