Donald Trump finally agrees to Biden transition

Written by anitaadims

US President Donald Trump has finally agreed to begin the transition to a Joe Biden presidency, three weeks after the election.

This is coming after the declaration from the General Services Administration (GSA) yesterday that Biden was the apparent winner of the US election, enabling the transition of power to officially begin.

Trump in a tweet acknowledged it was time for the General Services Administration to “do what needs to be done.”

In the same tweet he insisted that he was still refusing to concede, saying:“Our case STRONGLY continues, we will keep up the good fight, and I believe we will prevail!”

This means that Biden’s team will now have access to funds.

Biden hasn’t been waiting for Trump’s cue to begin his transition. The president-elect announced his cabinet on Monday and, as expected, Antony Blinken has been nominated as secretary of state.

Blocked from interacting with federal agencies, Biden’s staff instead sought out other experts from academia, state governments and Capitol Hill.

The biggest change now is that the transition team will be able to flood federal agencies with officials focused on preparing the way for his administration.

They will have access to agency staff and briefing books assembled earlier this year, as well as details on what administrative issues must be addressed right away.

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