Governor Nasir El-Rufai speaks on killings and insecurity says police should be killing Bandits not carrying Bags for VIP Wives

Written by anitaadims

Kaduna State governor El Rufai has spoken out over the killings and insecurity witnessed across the country.

In an interview with channels TV on Monday November 30th, the Kaduna state Governor disclosed that he and other Governors are frustrated with the current security architecture.

El-Rufai who noted that the governors are only called chief security officers in name, stated that they have no control over the police. He also disclosed that he doesn’t have a say in who gets posted to his state as Commissioner of Police, and those appointed can also flag his directive or get it cleared by the Inspector-General of police before carrying it out.

He also went further to state that a sizable number of officers of the Nigeria Police Force who should be fighting criminal elements in the country are involved in non-police duties like carrying the bags of the wives of Very Important Personalities.

He said, “We’ve always made a very strong argument that one centralized police in a federation does not work. Nigeria is the only country in the world that is a federation that has only one police force.

“We have made the argument that states should be allowed to have their own police and that even local governments should be allowed to have their own community policing.

“The number of policemen we have in Nigeria is inadequate; it is less than half of what we need and a lot of them are engaged in non-police duties like carrying the handbags of the wives of very important people.

“We need to have a large footprint of policing in Nigeria and the only way to achieve that in a fast-track manner is to amend the constitution and put police on the concurrent list as recommended by the APC True Federalism Committee so that we have more policing.

“In any case today, more state governments are responsible for the running cost of the police. The Federal Government only pays the salaries of the policemen but the running cost, the logistics, their vehicles, their fuel are all the responsibilities of state governments.

“So, what are we afraid of? Let us just amend the constitution and allow state policing and in fact, go further and allow the local governments to have their own police. That way, we will have more security footprints.”

There are over 300,000 policemen in the country but a number of them are attached to VIPs and government officials.

The Inspector-General of Police, Mohammed Adamu, in an apparent move to boost the Force responsiveness to crime, had earlier in the month ordered the withdrawal of police personnel attached to 60 VIPs.

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