It’s The Agenda Of Killer Herdsmen To Take Over Nigeria Through Jihad —Tiv Leader

Written by anitaadims

The President-General of the Tiv socio-cultural organisation, Mzough-U-Tiv (MUT), Chief Iorbee Ihagh has said the killing of citizens by armed herdsmen and bandits is pointing towards the Fulani agenda to take over Nigeria.

Ihagh noted that bandits were behind the crisis that ravaged Konshisha in Benue State last month, wherein an army officer and 10 soldiers, including civilians lost their lives.

He accused President Muhammadu Buhari of not genuinely addressing the problem of killer herders bearing firearms, adding that this points to the agenda of the Fulani to take over the country.

The Tiv leader expressed the views in an interview with SaharaReporters on Sunday while recounting the sad incidence of Konshisha in April.

There was a report by Nigeria’s Defence Headquarters that 11 of his personnel were ambushed and killed during an operation which led to alleged air bombardments and ground raid of civilians by the Nigerian Army.

The army has denied killing civilians but residents of the affected areas have been continued to accuse the military of taking their lives and destroying their properties to avenge the deaths of their men.

Speaking on the issue, the leader of the Tiv community in Benue State said he was not in the best position to judge between the soldiers and the civilians, but he was sure that killer Fulani herdsmen and bandits were behind heinous activities in the country.


“The killings are everywhere, as you are aware. It’s in Yorubaland, it’s in Igboland, it’s in Urhobo, in Efik, not only in Tiv land. And we know the agenda now. Everybody knows the agenda of the Fulanis. Buhari has never made mention of herdsmen in all the cities. And we’ve always told him and up till now, he’s not done anything about it.


“The bandits are everywhere, there are Boko Haram everywhere, there are herdsmen everywhere, so how would you know what happened here is from Tiv people? We don’t want trouble, we just manage around the issue. I’m not in the position to tell you whether they are this or that, but all I can tell you is that bandits, herdsmen, Boko Haram, all have agenda of the Fulani people headed by Buhari,” Ihagh said.

He stated further that President Buhari does not like the Tiv tribe of Benue State, despite the fact that the people voted him in as the leader of the most populous African nation. He, however, told the killer nomadic herders in Benue state to leave if they cannot obey the law of the land.

“If you ask me, there are two or three Nigerians killed every day. Initially, we thought it was only Benue State they want to take with Jihad, but now you can see it’s everywhere. Buhari doesn’t like Tiv people, we know. But, he should know we voted him as the president of this country. If laws are made in a state, and you cannot abide by them, then you leave,” Ihagh said.

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