Lai Mohammed blames unpatriotic Nigerians,for location of Twitter African headquarters in Ghana

Written by anitaadims

Mohammad said Nigerians condemning the country is the reason why Twitter located its headquarters to Ghana even when Nigeria has more Twitter users than Ghana.

Recall that Twitter sited that Ghana being a champion of democracy and rule of law is one of the reason why she was chosen as the headquarters for Twitter Africa.

In the interview, Lai Mohammad also blamed the media for “exaggerating” the challenges in the country especially during the ENDSARS protest.

This is what you get when you de-market your country.

“The media is more to blame for this which most times exaggerate the challenges in the country.

“At no time was this worse than during the EndSARS protest when Nigerian journalists both traditional and new media were trying to outdo themselves in painting Nigeria as a hell where nobody should live.

When they all conspired to vilify not just the government but the people of Nigeria,’’ he said.

The minister also revealed he was very pleased when the United States reported that no single live was lost at the Lekki Toll Gate.

“We are not saying that you should not criticize the country but be fair and patriotic.

“When you destroy your own house, where are you going to live?

“You can imagine the kind of job opportunities that siting that headquarters in Nigeria would have generated, the kind of visibility it would have given Nigeria but we destroyed it,’’ he said.

He added;it is what the insiders say about their country that the outsider will use to judge and condemn the country’’.

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