Obaseki: I Will Show No Mercy To Oshiomhole

Written by anitaadims

Governor of Edo state, Godwin Obaseki has said that he will show no mercy to the Former national chairman of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Adams Oshiomhole if he continues to be disruptive. Obaseki said this when he appeared on ARISE TV this morning, September 22. While responding to questions on whether he would be sending Oshiomole out of the state following his re-election, Obaseki said

”I don’t have any plans to. If he continues to behave as he has always done, if he continues to be destructive. If he continue to fund his lions in Edo state and tries to create problems for us here, then we will not have any mercy. It is totally up to him.”

Governor Obaseki said the likes of Tiubu, Oshiomole, and others pose a threat to Nigeria if they continue in the manner in which they play politics in the country. “For us, the challenge with Oshiomole and Ahmed Tinubu is that except they change their ways, they pose a great danger to our society because they extra-constitutional players.

They have constituted themselves to what they say they are without any constitutional responsibility and trying to overlord themselves over people who have constitutional authorities and if we allow them to continue in the mode they are, they will destroy our democracy.”he said

Speaking further, he said They are none constitutional actors. When I was in APC, I was always surprised at the role of the Leader. There is nothing in the constitution of our country or even in that party giving anybody the role as a leader. The title leader has no constitutional backing.

They cannot sit in their houses or wherever they are and can determine who becomes what, who gets into what office. It is very anti-democratic.

When asked if he will ever consider returning to the APC as he has won the battle to return to office as a governor, Obaseki said  ”I think it will immoral and unfair to begin to even have any consideration at this point about leaving this platform that gave me the mandate. There must be morals in politics. People must be ethical in their politics. At this point in time, I do not think it is right or is the proper thing to do to jettison the platform the brought me into power, particularly as I have no issues or challenges or problems with the party now”

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