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Man who murdered wife and stepsons then raped young stepdaughters executed

Written by Staff Writer

A killer who brutally murdered his wife and stepsons before raping his two young stepdaughters has been executed t. Robert Sparks, 45, was put to death by lethal injection on Wednesday evening, 12 years after murdering wife Chare Agnew, 30, as well as her sons Harold, 9, and Raekwon, 10.

The bloodbath at Sparks’ home in Dallas, Texas, saw Chare knifed 18 times and Raekwon stabbed 45 times. Afterwards, Sparks raped his 12 and 14 year-old stepdaughters. Sparks claimed he committed the atrocity because he believed Chare and the boys were trying to poison him, KSAT reported.

He told a psychologist that a voice told him ‘to kill them because they were trying to kill me.’ Sparks’ lawyers argue that he suffers from severe mental illnesses that render him intellectually disabled and that he should not be put to death.

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