White cop who killed innocent black neighbor while sexting her married lover sobs in court (See Video)

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A white police officer who killed an innocent black neighbor after getting her address confused while sexting a married lover broke down in court.

Amber Guyger, 31, was overcome with emotion as she took the witness stand at a court house in Dallas, Texas, on Friday. The former Dallas Police Department cop’s lip trembled as she prepared to give her version of events of how she shot Botham Jean, 25, dead last September in his own apartment. Her emotional breakdown saw the court granted a 10 minute break so Guyger could compose herself.

She later told the court: ‘I feel like a terrible person. I feel like a piece of crap.’ Guyger, who is charged with murder, claims she mistook him for a burglar after going to Botham’s third floor apartment, instead of the floor above where her home was located. She said she was ‘scared to death’ after mistakenly believing someone to be in her home, and said Jean had been coming towards her quickly and using an ‘aggressive voice’ when she shot him twice and killed him.

On Friday, Guyger claims she knew texting married colleague Officer Martin Rivera to say she was ‘super horny’ moments before the shooting was ‘morally wrong.’ She claimed to have ended the affair, saying: ‘I knew it wasn’t going to go anywhere.’ Guyer said she was ‘ashamed’ of the fling, which also saw her send Rivera a text saying ‘Wanna touch?’ But prosecutors say those texts and Guyger’s desire to hook up show she was not as fatigued as the killer’s defense team claims she was the night Jean was killed.

She appeared to take responsibility for Jean’s death later on during Friday’s hearing, telling the court: ‘I shot an innocent man and he didn’t deserve that.

‘I thought I was in my apartment.’ And Guyger lowered her head as she listened to the call she made to 911 after shooting Jean, which saw her said: ‘I thought I was in my apartment. ‘I thought I was in my apartment.’ But Guyer has repeatedly insisted she did not murder Jean in cold blood, telling the court: ‘I thought he was going to kill me.’ An earwitness to the crime, Whitney Hughes, told the court that she did not hear Guyger issue any warning commands before Jean was shot and killed. The trial continues.

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